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About G Benson

About G Benson

G Benson is a writer originating from Australia, who spent her childhood wrapped up in books and fictional worlds she created for her own entertainment. As she got a little older, she started to write about the things she wanted

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"I could rub lipstick on your neck." "You're not even wearing lipstick." "Well that'd really get them talking, then, wouldn't it?"

Who'd Have Thought (2017)


All the Little Moments by G Benson (audiobook)

Anna is focused on her career as an anaesthetist. When a tragic accident leaves her responsible for her young niece and nephew, her life changes abruptly. Completely overwhelmed, Anna barely has time to brush her teeth in the morning let

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Translations (German)

Mehr als nur eine AffäreVon wegen versprochenAll the Little Moments - Weil jeder Augenblick zählt

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