Purposefully Accidental (2022)

A doctor with a grudge against an A-list celebrity ends up working as a medical advisor on set. What could go wrong when half the world suddenly things they’re dating?

Who'd Have Thought by G Benson

Who’d Have Thought (2017)

A fake marriage to someone you don’t even like? What could go wrong…

All the Little Moments by G Benson

All the Little Moments (2015)

A woman who never wanted kids has her niece and nephew left to her when her brother and sister-in-law pass away.

Dead Lez Walking (2021)

A group of queer hospital staff and patients try to survive as they’re barricaded inside with the living dead rising around them.


Pieces (2017)

Two teens’ lives unravel in different ways as one fights to stay with her brother and the other learns that life is not always fair.

The Thing About Tilly (2020)

A friends to lovers story for lovers of deep characterisation and in-depth emotional resolution.

Flinging It by G Benson

Flinging It (2017)

Two women find themselves thrown together in very morally ambiguous circumstances.

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