Taren just wants her nursing shift to go smoothly, especially given that there’s some kind of virus happening that’s going to make everyone panic and come to Accident and Emergency with just a sniffle.

Joy only wants to find a break room to get some quiet time after a long night on call-preferably a place where she won’t run into Taren, who she blew off after an incredible date without a very good explanation. But why won’t the exit door open? Why is everyone talking about a simple virus?

Everything goes awry when it becomes clear this is no ordinary virus: the dead have risen, and they are hungry.

Barricaded in the hospital, a group of staff and patients must survive and find a way out before it’s all too late. If only Joy and Taren would stop with their inappropriate moments when the rest of them are all trying to, you know, avoid being eaten.

You will be able to buy Dead Lez Walking as an e-book or paperback soon

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